Blog Description

This blog is a personal examination of the "Pizza Code Mystery" ARG created by Christopher Horn for the Black Mesa video game.
I will attempt to update this blog on a regular basis, for as long as the ARG is in existence and folks are willing to attempt to solve it.
This will not be a complete overview of the clues and such associated with the ARG--you can find a complete, up-to-date version of that material here.

Possible Key Submission

Please use the form below to submit one or more possible keys to the ARG. If it is not inherently obvious as to how your key relates to the ARG, please include a brief description in the appropriate box as to how you formulated your key(s). I fully encourage thinking outside the box; I just want to know how you got there!

Also, please visit the link below to ensure that the key you are submitting has not already been submitted: Previous Submissions

Thank you!

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