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This blog is a personal examination of the "Pizza Code Mystery" ARG created by Christopher Horn for the Black Mesa video game.
I will attempt to update this blog on a regular basis, for as long as the ARG is in existence and folks are willing to attempt to solve it.
This will not be a complete overview of the clues and such associated with the ARG--you can find a complete, up-to-date version of that material here.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Further Information From Storm

Just a brief update regarding a few bits of information that Storm provided during a conversation today. Here's the pertinent info from our conversation:

[EVIL]GunslingersRequiem: 1. Were you really Code_ / 0418 from the forums? 2. Should we spend more effort constructing the story in the game rather than focusing so closely on the web-based clues?

[BMS] stormseeker: 1. yep 2. a bit of both. I suspect if all else fails, something will come along and assist

To recap, Storm really was Code_ / 0418, so we could definitely take his PM at face value at least in the sense that we are probably on the right track with the encryption methods we've considered. Second, the web-based clues are relevant, but we also need to spend some time in the game continuing to look for clues that may assist with the HALOS file and possibly other future assets of the ARG. That said, I have included a new page entitled "Steam Release Clues" under the "In-Game Clues" heading on the front page of the wiki. Please do not hesitate to post whatever you may find that looks important, for we can always weed out (as a collaborative effort) those things we deem unnecessary, or redirect information we already have to their proper places on the ARG. Furthermore, you are all of course always welcome to contribute any thoughts you have to the blog and continue to submit key/keyphrase ideas you come up with. I have a list already in the works, and once I hit a certain threshold I will begin posting them to the wiki in alphabetical order.

Storm also mentioned that, if we are still unable to come up with a solution prior to a certain time, something may assist us down the road. However, I think we should continue to focus our efforts on what we have rather than simply play the waiting game. We owe him at least that much.

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